JSC «Siberian service company», the city of Moscow.


Modernization of automated control system for drilling rig BU 4500/270 EK-BM/.
The design and shipment of drilling rig equipment were successfully completed in May, 2017, under the contract for modernization of control systems for three drilling rigs BU 4500/270 EK-BM.
The purpose of modernization was replacement of outmoded automated control system implemented on basis of “Allen Bradley” controller (type LOGIX 5561) by “Siemens” controller (type S7-315), along with replacement of obsolete and worn-out main drilling machinery control boards.
The following equipment was produced and put into operation instead of the old one:

  • Master controller enclosure.
  • Control consoles for drill pumps No.1 and No.2.
  • Driller’s console in explosion-proof design.
  • Control desks for redundant control circuit.
  • Distributed i/o cabinet for a winch.
  • VFD ventilation and handling winch control cabinet.
  • Explosion-proof master controllers for primary and handling winches.

As part of the project the redundant control circuit for drill pumps and emergency winch drive was restored to be used in cases of failure of automated control system. The new automated control system now incorporates a data storage and visualization system implemented with operator boards KP900 of “Siemens” company. Operator desks are installed at pump control consoles and at driller’s console to display the data. Operator desk with functionality of electrician’s workstation is installed inside VFD container.
Commissioning of equipment is scheduled for June, 2017; erection supervision works are currently conducted on site.

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