JSC «Siberian service company», Krasnoyarsk subsidiary, Moscow.


news_23_10_17 Putting into service of a stationary pump unit using the drives based on frequency converters of “VARIANT” series (CJSC “ASC” manufacture).
The works were conducted at Ichedinskoye oil field by CJSC “ASC” engineers jointly with CJSC “ASC –Drilling machine building” staff within the period of September-October, 2017. The complete package of a pumping unit has been produced by an affiliate company of CJSC “ASC”, namely, CJSC “ASC-Drilling machine building”.
Triplex mud pumps 3NB-1600HL (horse power 1600) were applied as drill pumps, while the drive system was implemented on basis of electric motors of “ABB” manufacture (АМА423М6Р 1173 kW). To control the speed of the mud pumps the frequency converters В1-1350-690 of “VARIANT’ series (CJSC “ASC” product) were applied. They have the following characteristics: 690V, 1350A, 1350kW.
Under terms of the contract the following basic equipment was produced and supplied for one stationary pumping unit:

  • mud pump modules, including gangways;
  • pump unit enclosures;
  • mud pumps 3NB-1600HL – 2 pcs.
  • pump unit facilities: supercharger pumps, sliding dampers, suction header, discharge header, pressure gauges, sensors, drive pulleys;
  • multi-ribbed belts, guard fences – 1 set;
  • heated VFD container with rectifier transformer 2500kVA, high-voltage unit, variable frequency converters of CJSC “ASC” manufacture (“Variant” brand) to control the mud pumps, industrial process control system and electrical equipment package to control the auxiliaries of mud pumps, tank module and purification unit – 1 set;
  • mud pump electric motors of АМА423 type (“ABB” manufacture) – 2 pcs.;
  • control console for mud pumps and auxiliary mechanisms of pump units – 2 pcs.;
  • driller’s cabin control console (in explosion-proof housing) for mud pumps – 1 pc.
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