«Vostochny port», the town of Nakhodka, the settlement of Vrangel, Primorski Krai.


Upgrading of voice announcement system for conveyor equipment of industrial transshipping complex (PPK-3).
The set of design and commissioning works has been completed.
The design of voice announcement system involves application of speech synthesizer components by means of which the software for pronouncing of text messages is implemented. All text messages are preset and generated in Scada-system WinCC logs (“Siemens” company) and thereafter are auto-generated by control system in the course of handling equipment operation. The messages are subdivided into alarm messages, warning messages and route and machinery startup messages. There exists the possibility of editing the text messages and setting the number of message pronouncings.
Integrated setup and system operation validity check have proved that the system operates safely under the conditions of the coal loading complex PPK-3 and can be applied to other analogous process control systems capable of automatic message generation.

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