«Vostochny port», the town of Nakhodka, the settlement of Vrangel, Primorski Krai.


Retrofitting of data collection and primary processing subsystem for 0,4 kV TP-22 and TP-23 substation bays of coal loading complex PPK-3.
Development of working documentation and software has been completed.
The data collection and primary processing subsystem is intended for collection and processing of signals coming from 0,4 kV switchgear bays and subsequent digital information transmission to industrial process controller of complex process control system of main control room of PPK-3.
The scope of retrofitting includes 22 bays of TP-22 substation and 45 bays of TP-23 substation, from each of which the discrete signals are received, processed and then transmitted via
Profibus DP. It helps avoiding the use of a great quantity of control cables that have been in operation for more than 20 years and enhances operational reliability of the substation bays and process control system of the coal loading complex.

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