OJSC «Ural foil», the town of Mikhailovsk, Sverdlovsk region.


Revamping of «Quarto-1800» mill with implementation of HAGCs and gage control system. Early in April, 2018 the single-stand aluminum strip cold rolling mill «Quarto 1800» was put into industrial operation after revamping. Revamping involved installation of two hydraulic cylinders below bottom backup rolls, designed for integral force 2000 tons and controlled by «MOOG» servovalves with positioning accuracy 3 microns and response speed 40 msec. As per «ASC» order the hydraulic cylinders together with pump-and-accumulator station were designed and supplied by Italian company «FATA HUNTER». HAGC control on programmable controller Simatic-S7 with rapid control unit FM-458 (Siemens) was designed and setup by specialists of CJSC «ASC».

The controller also fulfills the following functions:

  • automatic roll gap setting to the pass line;
  • automatic bottom roll setting to zero roll gap position;
  • strip gage control by outgoing thickness gage with job setup for cylinder movement.  

Revamping resulted in significant improvement of strip gage rolling accuracy rate.


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