NON-STATE PRIVATE INSTITUTION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION «UMMC Technical university», the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region


Fitting out the «Electric power accounting and quality control systems» laboratory with test benches. The specialists of CJSC «ASC» have developed and produced the laboratory benches for testing:

  • the hardware and software of automated electric power accounting systems;
  • the quality of electrical energy in general-purpose power-supply systems”.

The laboratory hardware and software complex allows carrying out research activities on the following issues:

  • development of effective electric power consumption planning and forecasting system to be applied in a wholesale market;
  • optimization of electric power consumption profile for the enterprise having on-site power sources and consumers capable of load shifting during 24 hours;
  • acquisition of skills for working with hardware and software of automated electric power accounting systems;
  • acquisition of skills for verification of power consumption measurement results  (directly, indirectly, by calculation);
  • study of methods, measuring means and evaluation results of electrical energy quality profile.

Local network of the laboratory has access to «Internet» data telecommunications network to enable making use of the online training technology, including the laboratory performance in remote access mode. The laboratory facilities are intended for training the specialists of industrial process automation services at the enterprises of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, for managers, section power engineers and electrical engineers of energy services of the enterprises, with due regard to requirements stipulated by proprietary occupational standards.

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