JSC «Siberian service company», Krasnoyarsk subsidiary, the city of Krasnoyarsk



The fixed pumping unit with the drives based on frequency converters of CJSC «ASC» make («VARIANT» family) was put into commission.  

The works were fulfilled by CJSC «ASC» specialists jointly with CJSC «ASC Drilling machine building» company. The complete package of the pumping unit was produced by CJSC «ASC-Drilling machine building» and executed as a modular construction (2 drill pump modules, supercharger pump module, control system and frequency converters container).

Triplex pumps 3NB-1600HL (horse power 1600) were used as drill pumps, while the power end was implemented on basis of electric motors of «ABB» make (АМА423М6Р 1173 kW). To control the speed of drill pumps the frequency converters В1-1350-690 of «Variant» family (CJSC “ASC” make) with performance of 690V, 1350A, 1350kW were applied.
The following basic equipment for one fixed pumping unit was produced and supplied under the agreement:

  • drill pump modules, incl. gangways;
  • pumping unit enclosures;
  • drill pumps 3NB-1600HL – 2 pcs.
  • pumping unit equipment: supercharger pumps, dampers, suction header, supply header, pressure gauges, sensors, driving pulleys;
  • multi-ribbed belts, guard fences – 1 set;
  • heat-insulated VFD container with converter transformer 2500kVA, high-voltage unit, variable-frequency converters of CJSC «ASC» make (“Variant” family) for drill pumps control, process control system and electrical equipment package for control of auxiliary mechanisms of pumping modules, tank module and treatment unit – 1 set;
  • electric motors for drill pumps type АМА423 of «ABB» make – 2 pcs.;
  • control console for drill pumps and auxiliary mechanisms of pumping modules — 2 pcs.;
  • control console (in explosion-proof design) for drill pumps control from driller’s cabin – 1 pc.
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