JSC «EVRAZ NTMK», the town of Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region


Upgrade of automation systems for continuous caster No.1 in converter shop No.1 of continuous casting plant.

The specialists of «ASC» company have finished works on upgrade of automation systems for 4-strand bow-type caster No.1. The basic automation system of caster No.1 has been in operation since 1995 and was based on «Siemens» equipment of S5 family. The upgrade resulted in change-over to «Siemens» equipment and software of S7 family. Programmable controllers «SIMATIC» of S7-400 family are used as process automation controllers. Programmable controllers «SIMATIC» of S7-300 family are used as process automation controllers of torch cutting machines. The following main works were fulfilled in the course of upgrade activities:

  • delivery and putting into operation of new control cabinets for cooling systems control in water-dispensing room;
  • installation of «Samson» positioners (24 pcs.);
  • replacement of large numeric displays on control pulpit;
  • delivery and putting into operation of new controller cabinets of torch cutting machines along with transfer of frequency converters, filters, chokes and transformers from the existing cabinets to the new ones;  
  • delivery and putting into operation of a new damper control cabinet;
  • delivery and putting into operation of six mounting panels of controller cabinets with installation of new mounting panels into existing racks;
  • replacement of control boards for control mechanisms of exit end of the strands;
  • replacement of control boards for torch cutting machines. Operator panels with CRT size 7” were installed instead of existing indicators and DIP-switches;
  • installation of new system blocks of workstation into existing cabinet;
  • migration of visualizing system WinCC project from 6.0 version to current 7.4 version, introduction of new video frames for entry and control of parameters of program controllers of primary and secondary cooling systems, as well as improvement of current video frames;
  • establishing connection between all controllers of Caster No.1, existing automatic mould level control system, new stampers, new tundish heating stations, revamped visualizing system and existing Level 2 system;
  • fulfillment of commissioning works with transfer of all functions of existing automation system to the new one without sacrificing the metal rejection quality factors that were observed at the time when upgrade was started.
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