LLC «Novotroitsk alkali works», the town of Novotroitsk, Orenburg region.


Automated control system for lime kilning area (being a part of lime conditioning plant and kiln house).

Elaboration of working documentation for process control system and control and measuring instruments, power supply equipment, electric lighting and process video monitoring has been finished. The objectives for creating a process control system were as follows: 

  • stabilization of performance indicators of processing equipment and operating parameters of lime kilning process;
  • reduction of material and energy costs;
  • selection of rational lime production process conditions taking into account the readings of control and measuring instruments;
  • providing good ready-made lime quality indicators;
  • accident prevention.

Data acquisition, dispatch and equipment management system embraces the following process plants, units and control systems:

  • lime conditioning and feed unit;  
  • furnace plant including lime addition and feed to furnace plant unit, hydraulic system, closed-cycle tuyer cooling system, gas cleaner, as well as combustion air feed system, lime cooling system and gas supply system.

Process control system is a 2-level one:

  • Low level encompasses a set of sensors and drives of processing machines. It performs the task of process data acquisition.
  • High level encompasses programmable logic controllers, distributed I/O stations, converters of electromechanisms and workstations.

Second level process control system is implemented with standard batch-produced facilities – S7-300 controllers and ET200М distributed I/O stations.

WINCC V7.4 software for process visualization and control is installed at workstations which ensures independent operation of workstations and allows enhancing reliability if any of the workstations goes out of order.  

Process control system is intended for real-time operation and enables execution of all functions at predetermined intervals and at the strictly appointed time.

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