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news_15_01_19 Replacement and adjustment of frequency converter for shiploader-3 car dumper drive executed in the framework of service works on coal shiploader facilities maintenance.

The reason for replacement of frequency converter on shiploader-3 car dumper was failure of   recuperation system of existent converter that was supplied by H&P company more than 10 years ago.

Based on available shiploader-3 operational experience the equipment of “ABB” company was chosen to be used in the capacity of frequency converter with active front end (instead of recuperative heat exchanger).

The scope of activities of CJSC “ASC” specialists was the following:

  • design of electric circuit diagram of converter;
  • manufacture of converter cabinet with due consideration of the shiploader requirements;
  • delivery and adjustment of frequency converter with active front end.

Upon completion of start-up and adjustment works the as-built documentation was provided:

  • electric circuit diagram updated according to adjustment results.
  • boot files with electric drive parameters.
  • instruction booklet “Car dumper frequency converter ACS880-17. Starting procedure”.
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