PJSC «Severstal», the town of Cherepovets.


The addressed product accounting system «3D stock».

In 2021 CJSC «ASC» began works on implementing the Addressed product accounting system at PJSC Severstal site in the town of Kolpino. The system will be set up in the area of thermal furnaces in sheet-rolling shop No.3 and in the pipe storage area at Izhora tube works. The «3D stock» system automatically records the moves of all objects subject to accounting within the respective area while forming a virtual 3D stockhouse map which will enable implementing the function of planning and generating the automatic crane travel setups.                                                                                                                                      The systems that were commissioned earlier in the cold-rolled coil storage area, bell furnace area and hot-rolled coil storage area contributed a lot to performance optimization at these sites and excluded unnecessary metal transfer while improving workplace safety.  

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