JSC «Siberian service company», Nefteugansk subsidiary.


Reconditioning and upgrading of VFD container for pumping unit and mud handling system control.

01Within the period from January to March 2021, in the shortest amount of time possible, the CJSC «ASC» specialists completed a work package on restoring VFD container to working condition afrter local flame development (spontaneous combustion).

In the course of the activities the works on recovery from fire effects were completed and complex container cleaning was performed along with replacement of indoor heat insulation and profiled sheeting. New lighting systems and fire and security alarms were installed. Equipment complete check, defects identification and testing were performed.

Master controller cabinet and pumping unit control cabinet were replaced.

The overhaul repair of frequency converters ACS800-07-1740-7 was executed jointly with LLC «ABB» company.   

The design and operating documentation as well as software for master controller and visualization system were restored too.


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