LLC «VIZ-Stal», the city of Ekaterinburg.


Upgrading of decarburizing annealing plants DAP-4A and DAP-4B.

vizAt the end of 2020 the specialists of CJSC «ASC» in partnership with specialists of CJSC «R&D enterprise «Mashprom» performed upgrading of decarburizing annealing plants DAP-4A and DAP-4B. The low-conductivity coat laying thickness measuring devices and metering devices (dosers) for filling the solution tank of coating line with TIP constituents were put into service.  In fact these activities were the replication of design decisions applied earlier to decarburizing annealing plants 3A and 3B that were commissioned in August 2020. Control algorithms for coating application unit were adjusted taking into account the experience in operation of DAP 3A and DAP 3B.

The transport system of decarburizing annealing line 4A was revamped. In the course of activities the old control desks for decoilers, pinch rolls, withdrawal-roll sets No.1,2,3,5, looper, winders were replaced. Electric motors were replaced and frequency converters were installed on the chain rollers of horizontal furnace. Besides, the old dryer furnace control contactors were changed for up-to-date thyristor power controllers.

In terms of hardware the process control system was built on basis of «Siemens» automation components: controllers S7-400 and 1500, converters Sinamics, operator panels of Comfort series, software WinCC. Network architecture was implemented on basis of managed switches by «Hirschmann».

The commissioning activities resulted in providing the Customer with:

  • • the state-of-the-art and flexible, in terms of adjustment and diagnostics, process control system for slurry preparation and application allowing of setting a slurry formulation, process parameters of coating application unit and also receiving real-time data on coat laying thickness;
  • • the state-of-the-art and flexible, in terms of adjustment and diagnostics, electric drive system and process control system for strip transportation allowing of setting process parameters of the line along with receiving real-time data on the speed, tension and all other operating parameters of the line.
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