PJSC «NLMK», the town of Lipetsk.


Upgrading of protective coating plant No.1

0101At the end of 2020 the specialists of CJSC «ASC» in partnership with specialists of CJSC «R&D enterprise «Mashprom» performed upgrading of mechanisms of protective coating plant No.1 located in transformer steel shop. The slurry preparation unit and strip transport mechanisms were replaced.

«R&D enterprise «Mashprom» acted as a supplier of core process equipment, whereas CJSC «ASC» enterprise took on the job of a supplier of electrical equipment and process control system. In the course of performance of works the magnox-based slurry preparation system was totally replaced: dosing tanks for slurry liquid and granular constituents were installed along with slurry preparation and blending tanks and supply tank.

Transport system of the plant was totally replaced: new drums and electric motors of a decoiler and a winder were installed. Besides, S-shaped withdrawal-roll set, pinch roll and idle pulley were integrated into the transport system. Some pieces of electrical equipment (namely, threading rolls, shears, welding machine, coil conveyor and coil upender machines) were left unaltered. Control of old machines was implemented by way of integrating the control signals into existent relay circuit.

In terms of hardware the process control system was built on basis of «Siemens» automation components: controller 1500, converters Sinamics, operator panels of Comfort series, software WinCC. Network architecture was implemented on basis of managed switches by «Hirschmann».

The activities performed resulted in providing the Customer with the state-of-the-art and flexible in terms of adjustment and diagnostics process control system for slurry preparation. The system allows of setting a slurry formulation, taking into consideration all latest developments and best practices of process staff in this field. Now the system operators can set all necessary process parameters of the plant, while the operating parameters control and logging system provides a powerful tool both for diagnostics of preparation process itself and finished products analysis on the level of automated control system of a shop or a factory.          

Strip transport process control system provided for the increase of strip velocity to 60 m\min, which is conducive to increase in output, and increase of tension up to 3.0 tons contributes to bringing the quality of coating application to a new level.

Upon successful completion of acceptance tests the Customer took decision to spread the engineering solutions applied in respect of protective coating plant No.1 to other similar plants of the enterprise. 

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