PJSC «Severstal», the town of Cherepovets.


The addressed product accounting system «3D warehouse».

The specialists of our company have finished works on putting into industrial operation the «3D warehouse» system in pickled coil storage area. In pickled coil storage area the system was deployed at 4 cranes: there was installed the equipment for determining X, Y and Z coordinates, metering the weight of a lifted load, data acquisition from crane monitoring systems, video camera, crane operator’s workstation and WiFi communication equpment. As part of the project the wired and WiFi networks were implemented for on-ground operation of the cranes and mobile devices along with ground video surveillance system for monitoring operation of equipment in the area. Coil tracking was provided on exit end of continuous pickling line No.3 as well as tracking of transfer bogie moves.

The system contributed a lot to performance optimization in the area and excluded unnecessary metal transfer while improving workplace safety.  

The works at other «Severstal» sites are concurrently executed under the project.


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