PJSC «NLMK», the town of Lipetsk.


Upgrading of protective coating plant No.2.

01.06.2021The specialists of CJSC «ASC» in partnership with specialists of CJSC «R&D enterprise «Mashprom» performed start-up, adjustment and commissioning of a new slurry preparation unit that replaced the old one on protective coating plant No.2 located in transformer steel shop of PJSC «NLMK» enterprise in the town of Lipetsk. These works were to continue the practice of applying similar engineering solutions to protective coating plant No.1 located at the same enteprise.

«R&D enterprise «Mashprom» acted as a supplier of core process equipment. The process equipment supplied was elaborated and improved taking into account the experience of its use on protective coating plant No.1.

CJSC «ASC» enterprise took on the job of a supplier of electrical equipment for process control system and a performer of design, supervision of erection and commissioning activities. In the course of performance of works the magnox-based slurry preparation system as well as the transport system of the plant was totally replaced.  

Control algorithms for slurry preparation and strip transport process control systems along with design for what concerns the electric drives were updated considering operational experience on protective coating plant No.1.

The activities performed resulted in providing the Customer with the state-of-the-art and flexible, in terms of adjustment and diagnostics, slurry preparation process control system, while strip transport process control system provided for the increase of strip velocity up to 60 m\min, which was conducive to increase in output, and increase of tension up to 3.0 tons contributed to bringing the quality of coating application to a new level.

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