LLC «ASK-Cement», the town of Sysert, Sverdlovsk region.


Development and implementation of process control system for the cement plant.


«ASK-Cement» is the first over the last two decades cement plant in Russia that was built from the ground up. The plant is slated to produce 550 thousand tons of high-quality grey and white cement following the full technological cycle from raw material receipt to shipment onto bulk cement trucks. Limestone is used as a raw material. It is extracted in the same region where the plant is located, namely, within confines of the Gabievskoye field in the Sysert region.

«ASK-Cement» is a member of «Atomstroycomplex» corporation and is meant not only to cater for intracorporate cement needs in full, but also meet ever-growing demand for cement in the market of Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region.  

The core process equipment for the plant was supplied by domestic and foreign companies — leaders of the industry, that is, OJSC «Volgotsemmash» (Russia), Claudius Peters, Christian Pfeiffer, Aumund (Germany). The plant had a strong focus on green production wherefore the innovative filtering technologies by Scheuch (Germany) and Elex (Switzerland) were applied.

The task set before CJSC «ASC» experts consisted in integration of the whole process equipment package of the plant into a unified automated cement production full cycle control system. The works were executed under the package contract which scope covered engineering, software development, production of electrical equipment, on-site electric wiring, start-up and adjustment works and support at the stage of pilot operation of process control system of the plant.

Design and supply scope:

— power distribution and electric drive control cabinets (MCC) – 80 pcs.;

— signal collection cabinets (on basis of SIMATIC ET200SP HA) – 25 pcs.;

— local security key shields – 430 pcs.;

— operator workstations — 5 pcs.;

— uninterruptible power supplies 10 kVA – 7 pcs.;

— master controller cabinet (SIMATIC PCS7, CPU 410-5H);

— server cabinet (on basis of SIMATIC PCS7, IPC647D);

— engineering station.

Network infrastructure of process control system of the plant was built according to redundant ring topology using SCALANCE commutation switches, which resulted in establishing a reliable and failsafe communication between all system components. The process control system was implemented on basis of SIMATIC PCS 7 v9.0 SP2 package with a specialized library for cement industry СЕМАТ v9.0 SP2.  These solutions enabled carrying out an error-free software development and implementation within a short time. Control system robustness is provided by using redundant servers PCS 7. WEB-server assures operational comfort and affords an opportunity of remote access for system operation and service maintenance.  

Successful implementation of this ambitious project became possible largely due to experience of cooperation between specialists of LLC «ASK-Cement» and CJSC «ASC» gathered over more than 15 years in the domain of process control systems for cement making.

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