LLC «VIZ-Stal», the city of Ekaterinburg.


Modernization of furnace atmosphere monitoring and control system for recrystallization annealing plant No.1 and recrystallization annealing plant No.2.

Work objective:

  • — replacing the outdated equipment, creating new atmosphere extraction points, improving precision of measurements, upgrading effectiveness and accuracy of regulation for monitoring and control of  metal decarburizing process;
  • — improving safety at production site;
  • — building an up-to-date control system of the plant;
  • — data archiving and transfer to the second level of the enterprise, preparing the plant to the highest automation level.

In compliance with the work statement requirements, the atmosphere control system in vertical (tower-type) heating annealing furnace (monitoring and control of gas control feel flow feed to furnace, gas humidification control, furnace pressure and temperature maintenance attended by parameter output to operator panel and control and instrumentation workstation) was changed for control via industrial process controller. All instruments and controls in the furnace of each plant were replaced. Control gates and valves were replaced too. 6 (six) furnace atmospheric humidity control cabinets were installed.

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