LLC «VIZ-Stal», the city of Ekaterinburg


Generation of the second level of automation for the plants of cold-rolling department

The project named «Generation of the second level of automation for the plants of cold-rolling department» was completed with introduction into service of the last plant within finishing floor in December 2021. For three months in 2022 the «ASC» company supported the project by cooperating with engineering-technological services of LLC «VIZ-Stal». During three years under the contract 29 plants of the department, including rolling mills and 128 bell-type furnaces, were introduced into the second level automation system.

The functions performed by «Level 2» system:

  • Gathering and processing of data obtained from industrial process PLCs and hardware of the plants.
  • — Data binding to a unit of product.
  • — Registering of product defects.
  • — Data transfer and storage in the common database.
  • — Exchange of data on metal processing with MES-system of the enterprise (PSI, Operation efficiency increasing system).
  • — Automatic generation of datasheet for a coil processed on the plant.
  • — Current status and downtime monitoring of the plant.
  • — Following of a coil processing stage.
  • — Exchange of data on coil processing in online mode with other systems.

The system automatically gathers information from sensors, writes them into the common database and stores it there. These are various parameters for all of the plants of main production cycle:rolling temperature, rate, thickness, coil weight.

Besides, the gathered information is automatically delivered to upper level systems, including MES-system PSI Metals, which is involved in production planning, and SAP — enterprise management system. «Level 2» system also serves as a principal database for building of mathematical models applied in production.

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