PAO «Severstal», the town of Cherepovets.


Retrofitting of control systems for hydraulic screw-down mechanisms of 5-stand mill «1700».

Simatic TDCThe activities on retrofitting the control systems for hydraulic screw-down mechanisms of 5-stand continuous strip cold rolling mill «1700» (cold rolling and annealing shop) were completed.

Two multiprocessor system Simatic TDC cabinets united with global data memory (GDM) – separate Simatic TDC controller implementing the functions of rapid access to variables of Simatic TDC controllers, connected to GDM via optical bus and specific exchange protocol — were installed instead of six multiprocessor systems (PLC) Simadyn D (Siemens).

The fast signal reception/generation modules ofSM500 type were installed directly in two Simatic TDC “baskets” for in-out of large quantity of analog/discrete input/output signals maintaining communication with peripheral devices (sensors, solenoid control coils, etc.). Analog/discrete signal decouplers were physically placed in three separate man-machine device cabinets installed in line with Simatic TDC cabinets.

For the purpose of extending connections with signals of peripheral devices each of Simatic TDC cabinets (but for GDM cabinet) was additionally equipped with field station ET200MP (Profinet interface).

Newly installed hardware and software suite of control systems for hydraulic screw-down mechanisms was integrated into automated process control system already existing at mill «1700». Data exchange with controllers of neighboring mill sections and process systems, human interface system server of the mill (WinCC-server, process data recording system server ibaPDA) was implemented too.

«ASC» company has provided a package of turn-key works for the systems to be retrofitted. The equipment was put into commission during scheduled repair periods happening every month (36 hours per month; 1-2 scheduled repairs).

High professional qualification of «ASC» engineers as well as «Severstal» operating personnel services and managing staff who made it possible that the works  could be performed during scheduled repair periods enabled successful commissioning of retrofitted control systems for hydraulic screw-down mechanisms while avoiding decline in target productivity of mill «1700».  

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