JSC «EVRAZ NTMK», the town of Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region.


Revamping of DC converters for main drives of mill stands in a wide flange beam rolling shop at JSC «EVRAZ NTMK».

The «ASC» specialists have finished the works on revamping of DC drives for main drives of universal beam mill intermediate trains GUK1 and VK1 in a wide flange beam rolling shop.

The equipment to be replaced has been in use since 1979, which accounts for the fact that when it came to updating it was worn-out and obsolete. The power equipment, cooling system and control system were updated using converters Sinamics DCM CM.

Revamping involved the following main activities:

  1. development of project for replacement of installed equipment by the new one including integration with existent systems;
  2. production and delivery of water-cooled power rectifier units with total rated current of assemblies — 12600A and 10000 A;
  3. production and delivery of control cabinets for rectifier units;
  4. production and delivery of cabinets with mill stand motor excitation converters;
  5. production and delivery of heat exchange stations for power rectifier units;
  6. production and delivery of diagnostics and signal cabinets;
  7. removal of existent equipment and installation of a new one;
  8. connection of equipment to electric and water supply systems of the shop;
  9. commissioning with keeping of all mill stand operating modes that already existed by the time when revamping started.

Construction and installation and commissioning activities were completed within a short time during the shop equipment overhaul.

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