AO «Beloretsk integrated iron and steel works», the town of Beloretsk, Bashkortostan.


Upgrading of electric drives for the first intermediate train (mill stands No.No.S12-S17) based on equipment designed and manufactured by LLC R&D «Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical Company».

As part of upgrading activities the specialists of our company have developed application software for Simatic TDC controller. The already existing Simatic TDC controller program was supplemented with software packages for control of new digital systems of SI12 — SI17 Sinamics drives. A new software package for data exchange with mill 150 HMI WinCC-server, enabling control of the new drives from existent control room operator workstation and electrician’s on duty workstation was created, which means that WinCC-server design of the mill was replenished. Besides, the data block to be transmitted to controller, gathering data for mill 150 automated data collection system, exactly corresponding in terms of format to data block that was transmitted for automated data collection system from electric drive control systems existent prior to upgrading, was arranged in Simatic TDC controller.

STARTER files for downloading settings of SI12 — SI17 drives and exciters were developed too.

The works conducted resulted in successful equipment commissioning.  


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