AO “Ust-Katav car-building plant”, the town of Ust-Katav, Chelyabinsk region.


In November 2022 the Usk-Katav car-building plant completed delivery of 30 pieces of low-floor tram cars model 71-628-01 that include the traction and support electrical equipment designed and manufactured by CJSC «ASC» for LLC «ChelyabGET».

In the course of acceptance testing the following advantageous features of «ASC» equipment were revealed:
— 45 % lower weight as compared with equipment of other manufacturers;
— traction drive operation without using motor speed sensors;
— individual drive of axles;
— absolutely no jerking and bumping during acceleration and braking;
— high dynamic characteristics that exceed the respective requirements stipulated by GOST 8802 by 5 % during acceleration and by 25-30 % — during braking.  
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