PAO «Severstal», the town of Cherepovets.

Implementing the «3D stock» system.


In December 2022 the specialists of our company finished works on implementing the «3D stock» system on Severstal-Kolpino site at thermal furnace section of sheet-rolling shop No.2.

The object of control of «3D stock» system at the afore-mentioned section is a hot-rolled sheet.

At thermal furnace section of sheet-rolling shop the system was set up for 3 cranes. The following facilities were installed:  the equipment for determining the X, Y, Z coordinates, weight metering of a cargo being lifted, data gathering from crane control systems, two video cameras per each crane, as well as three 2D scanners, electronic camera and scanner data processing machines, crane operator workstation, WiFi communication equipment.

As part of the project the wired and WiFi networks were created to provide for operation of cranes and mobile devices on earth. The equipment for tracking the position of transfer cars and pull-out thermal furnace bottoms as well as sheets inside sheet straightening machines was installed on ground too.

The «3D stock» system automatically records the moves of all objects to  be controlled at the respective section while rendering a virtual 3D site map which allows implementing the function of planning and generating the automatic crane travel job setups.                                                                                                                                     

The works performed contributed a lot to performance optimization at the section in question, exclusion of unnecessary metal transfer and improvement of working conditions and workplace safety. 

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