Automation of railway terminals

Frame CenterSince 2002 one of the main priorities for ASC has been design, manufacture, supply, commissioning and support of microprocessor-based interlocking system (MPZ) for railway stations of non-public railway transport companies.

Interlocking functions in MPZ system are implemented on microprocessor-based devices, i.e. programmable logic controllers Simatic S7-400 produced by Siemens which are reliable, efficient and widely used in Russian industry.

PLC configuration with two CPUs with synchronization submodules and two communication processes makes it possible to create a redundant automation system. In case of failure of one of CPUs the program is implemented in the other one; communication with the upper level is not interrupted. Safety and emergency shutdown functions are implemented at the level of own operating system.

We have developed and implemented the following systems:

  • Microprocessor-based interlocking system (MPZ) for coal terminals based on failsafe industrial controller Simatic S7-417/F.
  • Fleet communication with archiving function and integration with MPZ system.
  • Redundant power supply.
  • Axle counting and monitoring of wagon/locomotive traveling around the station.
  • Rolling stock tracking based on MPZ system and connected with logistics system ETRAN used on Russian railways.

We are capable of executing a full range of works related to railway station automation. This includes design documents and software development as well as installation, packaging, supply, commissioning and service.