Industrial networks (OTN)

Frame CenterOur company is an official partner of OTN Systems NV, Belgium.

OTN Systems product called Open Transport Network is a private communication system based on fiber optic technology.

OTN is an industrial network that meets the needs of manufacturing companies. It is characterized by high reliability, cost-effectiveness and it is open for transfer of different types of data.

Open. Network “that is considered to be always robust”, i.e. a network that supports all existing interfaces and different applications that can be used in one “open” network.

Transport. «Transports» different types of data via one fiber optic cable without any crosstalk. Transferred data are those used in modern means of communication — in telephony (digital and analog), in data transfer (using any standards), video programs, CCTV content (data from cameras transmitted to monitors), in Ethernet protocols (local area networks, Gigabit Ethernet networks).

Network. Fiber optic network providing communication at any required distance.

OTN Systems specializes in development of industrial data transfer systems for such companies as: oil, petrochemical and metallurgical companies, oil and gas fields, subway, railway, airports, mines and other industrial facilities.