Engineering Research Center

Engineering potential, long-term and successful experience in design and implementation of different systems, experimental laboratory with modern equipment and instruments allow for experimental research at a high professional level.

Scientific potential (company staff includes 12 PhDs in Technical Science and 1 Doctor of Technical Science) as well as flexible structure of the company allow for efficient use of scientific and engineering staff members to fulfill different tasks.

One of company’s priorities is design and manufacture of packaged semiconductor power converters of a wide range of power. The aim of these developments is providing the highest possible technical, process and performance parameters at the lowest possible net cost.

Batch production of many developments has been set up in the company.

The following company’s developments are worth mentioning:

  • Development of a two-section direct frequency converter.

The main aim of this development is to make an electric drive with a new set of characteristics combing good electrical and mechanical parameters and increased electromagnetic compatibility with supply mains.

  • Development of multifunctional power generating complex based on wind turbines and diesel generators.

Implementation of this complex provides uninterruptible power supply for consumers, helps save fuel resources due to use of renewable energy sources, makes it possible to reduce the cost of electric power and solve some ecological problems.