OJSC «Rosterminalugol», Kingisepp, Leningrad region.

Automatic control system for car retarders used at non-public railway tracks.


LLC “Dobryatino quarry management department” (LLC “DKU”), Dobryatino settlement, Vladimir region.

Automated control system for limestone treatment area (furnace plant with gas cleaning).


«Vostochny port», the town of Nakhodka, the settlement of Vrangel, Primorski Krai.

Retrofitting of data collection and primary processing subsystem for 0,4 kV TP-22 and TP-23 substation bays of coal loading complex PPK-3.


«Vostochny port», the town of Nakhodka, the settlement of Vrangel, Primorski Krai.

Upgrading of voice announcement system for conveyor equipment of industrial transshipping complex (PPK-3).


LLC “Nizhnekamskaya central heating and power plant”, the town of Nizhnekamsk, the Republic of Tatarstan

Automated control system for denitrification plants.


Vostochny port JSC, Nakhodka, Vrangel settlement, Primorsky region.

Delivery of equipment for microprocessor-based interlocking control system of internal railway-yard of coal loading complex (the 3rd stage).


OJSC “Soligalichsky lime integrated works”, the village of Turovka, Kostroma region

Automated control system and instrumentation and control equipment for a shaft lime kiln.


JSC “Metallurgical works “ELECTROSTAL”, the town of Electrostal, Moscow region

Automatic strip gage control system.


Meeting of “SIEMENS” partner companies

The annual meeting of “SIEMENS” partner companies was held on the 31st of October – the 1st of November in the town of Kaluga.


JSC «Siberian service company», Krasnoyarsk subsidiary, Moscow.

Putting into service of a stationary pump unit using the drives based on frequency converters of “VARIANT” series (CJSC “ASC” manufacture).

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