Frequency converter PCGP for group drive

photo_fc-pgchpThis converter is used as a variable frequency voltage source.     




Main functions:

  • Voltage source with controlled frequency for a group of motors operating when frequency and supply voltage values are different from standard values. This is an optimal solution for replacement of rotary frequency converters for roller table drives.


  • Process mechanisms driven by a group of motors operating simultaneously and supplied from one voltage source.

Rated network voltage 3AC 240 V; 50 Hz
Range of input voltage variation, % from +10 to -15
Rated output voltage, V 3AC 190
Rated output voltage frequency, Hz 25
Range of output voltage frequency variation, Hz 0–25
Rated power, kW 300
Rated output current, А 1150
Maximum output current, А 1265
Converter efficiency factor, not less than, % 97
Control circuit voltage, V АС 220 ± 10% from external source
Power consumed by control circuits, up to, A 10
Operating ambient temperature, °С from +5 to +40
Relative air humidity Up to 90 % without condensation
Unit height above sea level, m not exceeding 1000 
Protection class IP20
Dimensions (H х W х D), mm 2250 х 2400 х 800
Weight, kg 1200

Guaranteed service life is 12 months from putting into operation, but no longer than 18 months from delivery date.