Static semiconductor exciters VSP-315

photo_thyristor-exciterStatic semiconductor exciters VSP-315 are used for supply of field windings of three-phase synchronous motors with brush type excitation system.    


Main functions:

  • automatic commutation of starting resistance during start-up of synchronous motor;
  • automatic supply of excitation current after start-up of synchronous motor;
  • automatic excitation current stabilization;
  • automatic excitation current forcing in case of supply voltage drop;
  • fast excitation field suppression when synchronous motor is switched off.


  • Exciters can be used in metallurgical, chemical, power and other branches of industry as well as in housing and utilities sector.

Rated current, A 315
Rated voltage, V 48, 75, 115, 150, 230
Excitation current forcing ratio, not less than 1,75
Efficiency factor at rated load, not less than, % 95
Rated frequency of supply network, Hz 50
Auxiliaries rated supply voltage, V ~ 380
Power consumed by auxiliaries circuits, up to, VA 320
Weight, up to, kg 150
Dimensions (H х W х D), mm 2000 х 800 х 600

Exciters are manufactured in compliance with TU 3416-028-47689612-2011 «Static semiconductor exciters of VSP type for three-phase synchronous motors».

Guaranteed service life is 12 months from putting into operation, but no longer than 18 months from delivery date.