Water-cooled converters TPV

photo_tpv-convertersThis converter is used for high-power DC motor control and can be applied in different branches of industry. The converter has 12-pulse rectification circuit which is implemented on the basis of two three-phase thyristor bridges (thyristors are manufactured by Semikron). The converter gives an opportunity of operation with two armatures connected in parallel. For this purpose the converter is equipped with two exciters and two EMF regulators. This helps balance loads between armatures during operation.

Main functions:

High power controlled rectifier. Combination of high power and small dimensions due to water cooling. All required protection functions are implemented in thyristor bridge control units (overcurrent, overvoltage, excessive EMF, overspeed, insulation fault, thyristor overheating etc.).

  • possibility of operation with two armatures connected in parallel with automatic load balancing between armatures;
  • possibility of quick shutdown of one three-phase bridge and operation with one bridge according to 6-pulse rectification system;
  • digital microprocessor based control;
  • possibility of energy recuperation to the network;
  • converter and motor protection.


  • Control of high power DC motors that require smooth speed regulation in a wide range.

Rated supply voltage, not exceeding, V 3AC 825
Range of input voltage variation, % from +10 to -15
Rated output voltage, not exceeding, V 2DC 900
Rated input voltage frequency, Hz 50
Range of input voltage frequency variation, Hz 45–60
Rated power, MW 3,96
Rated output current, A 4400
Maximum output current, A 10000
Converter efficiency factor, not less than, % 98
Control circuit voltage, V 1AC 190 (-25%) up to 230 (+15%)
Power consumed by control circuits, not exceeding, A 32
Operating ambient temperature, °С from 0 to +40
Operating temperature of cooling liquid (DI water), °С from 10 to +35
Cooling liquid flow rate, m3/min 0,096
Relative air humidity Up to 85 % at +35°С
Unit height above sea level, m not exceeding 1000
Protection class Cabinets of power sections IP54
Control cabinets IP43
Dimensions (H х W х D), mm 2200 х 4800 х 800
Weight, kg 2000

Guaranteed service life is 12 months from putting into operation, but no longer than 18 months from delivery date.