Frequency converter Variant

photo_tpv-convertersVariant is a frequency converter for drawworks, mud pump and rotor drives.




Main functions:

  • Frequency converters for industrial asynchronous drives providing a wide motor speed control range. A variety of modifications with a common set of technical parameters enables a potential customer to choose an optimal solution.


  • Main drives of drilling rigs, mining industry and metallurgy mechanisms, conveyors, crushers, mills, pumps, fans, compressors, air blowers etc.

Motor power range, kW 450 — 3600
Rated supply voltage, V 690
Converter efficiency factor, % not less than 98
Control circuit voltage, V 1АС 220 V (+15% / -20%), Ir=5 A
Output frequency control range, Hz 0–100
Operating ambient temperature, °С from -10 to +40 at rated load
Protection class IP32

Options: Fieldbus communications interface; pulse sensor interface modules; I/O expansion cards.

Guaranteed service life is 12 months from putting into operation, but no longer than 18 months from delivery date.