Frequency converter for self-propelled freight wagon

photo_fc_mining_industry This is a symmetrical transistor frequency converter with an intermediate DC link.

Main functions:

  • Smooth acceleration and braking, change of direction;
  • Individual control of each drive of the in-wheel motor;
  • Anti-skid and anti-slip protection;
  • Braking energy recuperation to the supply network (when wagon is moving downhill);
  • Emergency stop in case of loss of supply voltage;
  • Protection and diagnostics of internal assemblies of the motor.


  • Converter can be used for power supply of asynchronous traction motors of self-propelled trolleys, wagon pushers and other electric vehicles.

Rated output current, A 32
Rated output voltage, V 690
Rated output frequency, Hz 50
Range of output frequency variation, Hz 0-120
Ratio of permissible overcurrent during 60 sec, repetition not exceeding one within 15 minutes 2
Permissible supply voltage deviation, %, not exceeding +15, -20
Operating voltage of digital inputs and outputs, V = 24
Cooling air natural
Protection class as per GOST 14254-96 IP00
Weight, kg, not exceeding 65
Dimensions (H × W × D), mm, not exceeding 460 × 270 × 580


Braking resistors (ensure one-time braking in case of loss of power supply); control and parameterization console that provides communication with converters via radio channel.

Guaranteed service life is 12 months from putting into operation. Other warranty obligations can be stipulated in the contract.