Converters for traction drive PTP

photo_ptp-convertersThese converters are used for control of DC traction motor speed and applied for revamping tram cars T3 manufactured in Czech Socialist Republic.




Main functions:

  • Converter ensures smooth traction motor speed control in a wide range and provides acceleration and braking of the tram car at a set rate.
  • In case of revamping tram car Tatra-3 the converter helps increase its service life as well as provides fail-safe operation with a minimum power consumed for passenger transportation.


  • Converters are used for power supply of traction drives of trams with DC motors. They can also be used for trams of other types and trolley buses.
  • Application of these converters for tram traction drive reduces energy consumption up to 50% compared to relay and contactor control circuits.

Rated DC supply voltage of power circuit, V 550
Operating DC supply voltage of power circuit, V 400…780
Permissible DC supply voltage of power circuit, V 20…850
DC supply voltage of control system, V 24 +25%, -40%
Current consumption of control system, A Not exceeding 10
Rated output current, A 2х150
Maximum output current, A 2х240
Operating ambient temperature, °С From -40 to +40
Relative air humidity up to 100 % at +25°С
Unit height above sea level, m Not exceeding 1000 
Protection class IP54
Dimensions (H х W х D), mm 437 х 1434 х 1087
Weight, kg 265


operator panel; mechanical brake control device; braking resistors; choke.

Guaranteed service life is 12 months from putting into operation, but no longer than 18 months from delivery date.