Overvoltage protection unit BZP

photo_bzpOvervoltage protection unit BZP is applied for protection of different semiconductor converters and is used in AC networks with voltage up to 1000 V.


Main functions:

  • BZP unit limits level and speed of overvoltage rise at the moment when power transformer is switched off. In case the transformer is switched off at the most unfavourable moment supply voltage does not exceed 10% of rated value.

Rated supply voltage, V 800−1000
Range of supply voltage variation, % +20; -50
Maximum rated power of supply transformer, МVА 5−12
Maximum limiting voltage, V 950−1350
Consumed energy, J 120−260
Maximum discharge current, А 170−500
Operating ambient temperature, °С from -40 to +50
Protection class IP00, IP10
Climatic type UHL4
Mechanical stability class М39
Dimensions, mm
Height 700−1200
Width 250−320
Depth 195−220

BZP units within the series have power transformers with different rated voltage and power.

Guaranteed service life is 12 months from putting into operation, but no longer than 18 months from delivery date.