Soft starters for high voltage motors PAD-V and PSD-V

photo_ss-pad-psd Converters PAD-V and PSD-V are used for soft start of high voltage asynchronous and synchronous motors with rated voltage 3, 6 and 10 kV.

Application of high-voltage thyristor converters allows to perform soft start with the formation of electromagnetic torque of the motor by adjusting input voltage and current in the stator winding according to specific control algorithms implemented by microprocessor control unit.

Regulation is based on phase-shift control of converter output voltage.

Limiting of the motor dynamic torque at a preset level during start-up decreases motor inrush current to (1-4) Ir that allows to reduce the following:

  • dynamic overloads in kinematic elements of the mechanism;
  • hydraulic (pneumatic) shocks in the pump, compressor, pipeline;
  • electromagnetic force in stator windings of the motor;
  • voltage drops in the network.


All above factors provide higher reliability and increased service life of process equipment.