Converters for individual soft start PAD-V-K (PSD-V-K)

photo_ss_individualOn November 16, 2010 quality mark «Ekaterinburg Quality» was assigned to voltage converters PAD-V and PSD-V manufactured by CJSC «Automated Systems and Complexes» according to Resolution No.10/3 of Coordinating Council for Product and Service Quality Assessment of Ekaterinburg city administration.


Main functions:

  • Packaged converters are used for individual soft start of asynchronous and synchronous motors and provide start-up of only one motor. Converters are functionally self-contained devices and do not require auxiliary switchgears for power supply.


  • pumps, fans, compressors, air blowers and other mechanisms of centrifugal operational principle.

Technical data of packaged converters
with rated voltage 6 kV.
Motor power range, kW 500-2200
Converter efficiency factor, % not less than 98
Control circuit voltage, V 1АС 220 В (+15% / -20%), Iн=3 А
Output voltage control range, % 0–100
Max inrush current factor 3,5
Start-up time control range, sec from 5 to 180
Operating ambient temperature, °С from -40 to +50 at rated load
Protection class IP54
Dimensions (H х W х D), mm 2422 х 800 х 905
6 digital inputs 24V, 15 mA internal supply
3 digital outputs 24V, 100 mA internal supply

8 analog inputs ±10 V/Pt100
2 analog outputs ±10 V, 20 mA

Certificate of Compliance РОСС RU.АИ16.Н08234 has been issued by Gosstandart of Russia for a batch of thyristor converters PAD-V and PSD-V for soft start (voltage – 3, 6 and10 kV, power – from 0,15 to 12,5 MW). Certificate of Compliance has been registered in Transneft Register for Specifications, Programs and Methods of Testing.

Guaranteed service life is 5 years from putting into operation.