Electrical equipment for drilling rigs

Frame CenterCompany specialists carry out revamping of drilling rig electrical equipment, manufacture and supply new electrical equipment for any individual mechanisms of a drilling rig and a complete set of electrical equipment with automated process control system.


List of supplied equipment:

  • Electrical equipment for power supply system.
  • Automated control system for drilling rig mechanisms.
  • AC variable-speed drives of main mechanisms.
  • Electrical equipment for auxiliary mechanisms.
  • Drilling rig lighting system.
  • Drilling parameters monitoring devices etc.


All electrical equipment is installed inside containers that can be used in different climate zones. All safety requirements are met. Containers are manufactured in company’s own workshop equipped for metalworking, welding and coating processes.

Upon Customer’s request containers are fitted with modern engineering systems for efficient and fail-safe operation and convenient equipment maintenance. Company specialists carry out installation and commissioning of equipment inside a container.

Supply of equipment in modular containers allows for relocating and using them without special rooms that is important for mining companies, drilling rigs, pumping stations.

Configuration of equipment inside a module and its dimensions are agreed by the Customer.