Steel structures for drilling rigs

Company’s production facilities ensure a full production cycle of steel structures for drilling rigs including blanking, machining, welding, coating as well as check assembly in a specially equipped outdoor area.

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Our products:

  1. Derricks with permissible hook load from 160 to 400 tons:

    • mast type including A-shaped, K-shaped, open face;
    • tower type;
    • telescoping type;
    • combined type.
  2. Substructures for drilling rigs:

    • substructures for separate units of drilling rigs (derrick unit, drawworks unit, derrick and drawworks unit, pumping unit, drive unit, mud circulation system etc.);
    • substructures for fixed and cluster type drilling rigs (in block) including rail track, spacers, piers.
  3. Crown blocks.
  4. Derrick erection devices.
  5. Shelters for cluster and fixed type drilling rigs.
  6. Manifolds for mud pumps (including locking devices for manifolds).
  7. Driller’s cabins.
  8. Drawworks and auxiliary winches, gearboxes.
  9. Rotors.
  10. Pumping units.
  11. Other equipment: traveling, lifting and leveling devices, mechanisms of the drill line system etc.

Equipment manufactured by the company complies with all requirements to oil and gas well drilling equipment. It is confirmed by certificates and declarations of compliance with Customs Union Technical Regulations «On safety of machines and equipment».