PJSC «Severstal», the town of Cherepovets.


Implementation of «3D stock» system for a pipe storage area.


The works on implementing the «3D stock» system at Izhorsky Tube Plant (an affiliated company of PJSC Severstal) were completed within a pipe storage area.

The object of stock-taking of «3D stock» system for the afore-mentioned area is a large-diameter pipe. The system was implemented for 7 cranes within a pipe storage area. There was installed the equipment for determining X, Y coordinates, data acquisition from crane monitoring systems and a vacuum lifting beam, two video cameras per each crane, three 2D scanners per each crane,  computers for processing data from cameras and scanners, crane operator’s workstation, as well as WiFi communication equipment. Wired and WiFi networks for on-ground operation of the cranes and mobile devices were established too. Video cameras were installed on the ground.

The «3D stock» system automatically registers the moves of all objects to be taken stock of within the mentioned area, while forming a virtual 3D site map and thus allowing to implement the function of automatic crane travel job scheduling and setup.  

The works completed have optimized performance of a pipe storage area, while excluding unnecessary metal transfers and improving labour safety.

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