Integrated projects

Frame CenterWe have experience in implementing integrated projects as the main contractor. We execute a full scope of work related to modernization of existing production lines and commissioning of new equipment from design to putting into operation.

An example of an integrated project implemented by ASC is reconstruction of forging production line and revamping of 75 000 ton-force forging press at Alcoa SMZ JSC, Samara.

The scope of work for this project included: technical solutions; thermal insulation of production premises; self-contained heating system based on gas heat generators; floor reconstruction for using heavy duty wheeled manipulators for vertical presses; installation and commissioning of 3 gas furnaces for heating blanks and former blocks.

ASC being the main contractor hired subcontractors for this project from different regions of Russia and CIS countries. A full range of design and construction procedures as well as mechanical and electrical installation was carried out together with subcontractors. 75 000 ton-force press was revamped as well as pump and accumulator station was reconstructed. The scope of work included construction, design, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning. 350 tons of steel structures and 5 km of high and low pressure piping were produced and assembled. Total cost of the project amounted to 330 million Rubles.


Reference given by the company top management:

These and other similar works have shown that Automated Systems and Complexes JSC is able to solve different kinds of technical problems, has a strong team of creative staff members and state-of-the-art technical facilities. ASC is a reliable partner capable of pulling together the efforts of several companies in order to fulfill assigned tasks.
V. Y. Pavlov, Director of Forging production line.


Another major project implemented by ASC was construction of a jet heating furnace at KUMZ JSC, Kamensk-Uralsky. Metal structures for the furnace were designed by a German company ОTTO JUNKER. Power supply system, electrical equipment and automation system were designed by our company.

Metal structures for the furnace were manufactured and assembled by the subcontractor (about 150 tons of ferrous metal structures and 100 tons of stainless steel structures).

Electrical equipment and automation system for the furnace were designed, manufactured, supplied and installed (in total 27 control cabinets, 2 control consoles, process engineer’s workstation). Total cost of the project amounted to 105.5 million Rubles.