Manufacture and packaging

Frame CenterWorkshops deal with both batch production and assembly of electrical cabinets, boards, control consoles and other low voltage switchboards according to both own and Customer’s design.

Specialists of design department can provide quick and professional solutions regarding the choice of necessary structure elements for cabinets as well as equipment location inside cabinets and control consoles.

Equipment procurement and sales department ensures supply of required components and prompt shipment of manufactured products to the Customer.

Company’s Quality management system complies with GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) regarding design, development, project management, manufacture, supply of electrical devices and automation equipment, drive systems, automated process control and monitoring systems, MES systems. Quality management system guarantees high quality of supplied products.

Experienced and qualified specialists carry out all works at a high professional level and within limited period of time.

Warranty period for manufactured products is not less than 12 months.